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Blasts from the past.

September 28, 2010
My mother-in-law has recently taken up residence in a care home and my wife has been de-cluttering her mother’s house. Always an avid reader, the elderly lady never threw out a book many of which I supplied her with. Having a root through the titles, mainly from the late-seventies and eighties, has thrown up some interesting points. Back in a time when Adrian Mole was merely a callow youth and Dr. Atkins was just getting started. Among the best-sellers in 1980 were Ken Follett, John Le Carre, Stephen King and Frederick Forsyth. All of whom have books in the best-seller lists at the time of writing. The Bourne Ultimatum was making waves, as it is to this day if in a different medium. Jane Fonda was working out in 1982, Christ she must be knackered by now. I wonder if Salman Rushdie would do things differently if he could relive 1989? There are many familiar names that I miss, the likes of Michener, Hailey, Robbins and Sheldon. Some truly great books and some best forgotten. At least I have my winter’s reading mapped out.
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