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Time For A Rant

November 8, 2010

My son is president of his college’s student union and last week he took part in a national demo against the Irish government’s plans to double student registration fees. About 40,000 students paraded through Dublin, in a good-natured and non-threatening march. Unfortunately, about twenty marchers became involved in a sit-down protest at the outside foyer of the Department of Finance. Not inside the building, but the outer entrance. In response the gardai sent in mounted police and the riot squad, and came perilously close to transforming a peaceful march into a riot. Much credit should be given to the student leaders who ensured there was no escalation.

Incredibly the students have been pilloried in the press. One writer accused them of being spongers who should show some self control by not taking part in demos. It’s hard to fathom that this is the same country that fought a colonial superpower to a standstill. Our present government has been shown to be inept, corrupt, self-serving and greedy. It has brought a proud people to their knees, and yet is still in office. If only the Irish could find a little of the French spirit in times of crisis. No longer the Fighting Irish, more the Pussywhipped Irish; beaten into submission by the bitch of all governments.

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