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Hollywood Sexism?

December 13, 2010

British actress Helen Mirren has accused Hollywood of being sexist. She states that Hollywood makes movies for young men and their penises, starring lots of nubile, near-naked young women, leaving few roles for the more mature actress. She has a point, but Hollywood also makes an enormous number of rom coms (almost all starring Jennifer Aniston, who is no spring chicken). But I feel it’s a bit rich that an actress like Mirren should complain about the movie business using nudity in that she made her name by getting her kit off. It used to be said in Britain that if a script required nudity, the director would send for Mirren. Funny how winning an Oscar late in a career can affect the memory. If sexism in Hollywood is to be addressed, as I believe it should, perhaps a spokesperson with less exposure should front the campaign.

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