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Ireland has lost its short-term memory

February 18, 2011

My apologies for not making many postings recently.

I have been caught up in election fever. It looks like Ireland will soon have a new government, and not a day too soon. The polls have been making interesting reading. The Fianna Fail party, the political heavyweight party of the last seventy years, seems destined to be given a well deserved drubbing. What I have trouble getting my head round is that its new leader is polling as the most popular party leader. This man was an integral part of the most incompetent government in Europe, possibly the world. He was in the cabinet for fourteen years – one that saw new levels of incompetence, greed, dishonestly and corruption, a cabinet that has brought Ireland to its knees. Not once was his voice heard raised against such flagrancy. And yet he polls as the most popular party leader.

Ireland is suffering from mass Alzheimer’s; we can remember 700 years of history as if it was yesterday, but we seem incapable of recalling recent events.


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