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Oscar Success – Churchill’s Queen $1

March 1, 2011
Oscar success – Churchill’s Queen $1

Delighted that The King’s Speech did so well at the Oscars. George VI and Queen Elizabeth are held in a very special place in British hearts.

To mark this success I am reducing the price of Churchill’s Queen to $1. The story revolves round the RMS Queen Elizabeth, the largest ship in the world at the time. Fans of The Eagle has Landed and Foyle’s War will enjoy this book. It’s a sabotage thriller set in the early days of World War II. Two Abwehr agents are landed in Scotland by u-boat, their mission is to destroy a vital part of the British war machine. Although apparently foiled, did their plan ultimately succeed 32 years later in Hong Kong harbour?

Click on and use coupon WL88E to claim your discount.

Much as I hate to give top marks for anything written by another author, I am compelled to do so in this case. This story has everything I could want from a novel. So all 5s for this one: Aaagggg! –Helliboreene

Absolutely first class. This has the promise of being a thriller right up there with Alistair Maclean, Frederick Forsyth and Duncan Kyle. Your writing is taught and suspenseful. –nboving

Wow! I don’t like war stories but this was tremendous, faultless from every point of view. The plot was gripping right from the start and the action was well paced kept me hooked. –Loco

Wow!! What a great piece of writing. The thoughts and detail put into this story are mind bogling. You either take your research very seriously or you are in fact a submarine Kapitan! Best thing I have read for a long while. –adrian hourican

PS. For all you movie buffs, Michael Gambon plays George V in The King’s Speech. He once agreed to play a role in the movie of Wounded Tiger, another of my books. Unfortunately, the finance fell through and the movie did not go into production.

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