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Launch of Death Sentence

September 14, 2011

I have finished Death Sentence, my second Val Bosanquet story and a sequel to An Evil Shadow. So far it is available at Amazon and Smashwords, but the other distributions channels will follow shortly, especially for all my Sony readers where An Evil Shadow has been such a hit.

Blurb:   Death Sentence sees the return of recalcitrant detective Val Bosanquet from An Evil Shadow. Val stumbles across Diane Laing, the victim of a ten-year-old abduction and the last of four young women who disappeared. Val’s attempts to locate the other victims inadvertently puts Diane at risk. When she is abducted a second time, Val faces down the FBI and a bomber to rescue the woman he loves.

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  1. Norman York permalink
    February 17, 2014 1:13 am

    I am reading Death Sentence now and am iintrigued so far by the plot, but some really glaring errors in the story take away from the enjoyment of reading it. First who ever does the rewrite to put it in e-book format must not have a good knowledge of English or they put too much faith in spell check. One example of that is when the FBI agents are putting Diane in their car one agent looks at the other across the top of the “saloon”. There are numerous two and three letter word errors also. Apparently there is no human proof reader.
    From a technical standpoint a case that the FBI worked would be filed in federal court, not county. It would be prosecuted by a U.S. attorney not the state attorney general. There are several other things which indicate that you are not well versed in how law enforcement agencies actually work.
    Like I said to start the plot is interesting and the things I have mentioned won’t stop me from finishing it. It would have been a much better story however with more research.

    • February 17, 2014 8:12 am

      Thanks so much for your valuable comments on Death Sentence. As an Irish/British writer, it is inevitable that I will make mistakes especially with the intricacies of the US legal system and the inclusion of the odd British term. At first I relied on American Beta readers to assist me with corrections – you would not believe the diverse opinions that provoked – but have now bit the bullet and hired an American proof reader, who is working on my back catalog. I will address the errors you raise and once again thanks for your valuable input.

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