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It Never Rains but It Pours

August 9, 2016

I have been very busy over the last six weeks writing Job’s Comfort, the next book in the Val Bosanquet Mystery Series. With two more weeks concentrated effort ahead of me, I thought I was nearing the finishing line. Then my laptop died – the third in twelve months. Has to be some sort of record.

I finally discovered the root of the problem. Office Word mutated and played havoc with Windows 10. The good news is that I ran repair on Word and it did heal itself. My laptop should also be salvageable and I await a repair disc I bought on Amazon.

For the next few days I have commandeered my daughter’s laptop and will be tapping away. At least, during those brief hours when Shannon isn’t using it for more important stuff like watching box sets or uploading selfies onto social media.

Readers of the Val Bosanquet series will, I think, enjoy Job’s Comfort. The plot is even more convoluted than usual and Val experiences a transition he didn’t see coming. The book should be published in the fall, laptops permitting.


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