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Moon on the Bayou – A Val Bosanquet Mystery

The third title in a series of Val Bosanquet mystery thrillers, A. J. Davidson’s Moon on the Bayou combines murder mystery, body snatching and intrigue into a fast paced and entertainingly complex thriller.

East Feliciana Deputy Sheriff Val Bosanquet’s day starts badly when a murder victim’s body is snatched from his crime scene. The discovery of a second victim makes his day worse. Although the murders do not appear to be connected, Val suspects that Mungo Call, the charismatic leader of Rising Sun, a pressure group fighting miscarriages of justice, holds the key. Val is aided by his friend Dave McElligott, a former member of the Marine Corps Special Operations Command. Together they plumb the unfathomable evil and extreme cruelty of a Mexican drug cartel.Moon 2 small

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